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A Technology Ethics Course Helps Students Navigate Emerging Technologies with Character

Dr. William Cochran is helping students cultivate moral agency to navigate a society of emerging technologies.

Wake Forest announces MLK ‘Building the Dream’ award winners

Leadership and Character Scholar Rute Ayalew is recognized for her work on campus.

A Coach For Character in Med School

A Q&A with Keyma Clark, a personal and career coach who is helping students thrive in medical school and all that comes after it.

Translating More Than Just A Language

Dr. Chaowei Zhu focused on developing servant leadership in his Interpreting and Translation Studies students and helped them advocate for people whose voices aren’t often heard.

starling fall in autumn

New Staff Members Join Leadership and Character

Our expanding team will help us extend the Program’s mission at Wake Forest and beyond.

Leadership and Character in the White House

Leadership and Character Scholars Caroline Thompson (’25) and Ritt Culbreth (’24) moderated a Face to Face Student Forum conversation with two renowned presidential historians.

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How Creative Humility Made Students’ Screenplays More Sublime

Cagney Gentry changed parts of his film studies course to encourage curiosity by looking for small stories. The results helped students see a bigger world beyond their own.

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