Ten faculty-nominated seniors spoke at the 2023 Senior Colloquium, reflecting on lessons learned and challenges faced during their time at Wake Forest. Among them were two Leadership and Character Scholars, both with unique thoughts to share.
Senior orators at the Senior Colloquium held on Wednesday, February 1, 2023 in Pugh Auditorium.

Each year, ten faculty-nominated students are selected to speak at the Senior Colloquium, which is organized by the Office of the Dean of the College. These orations help to preserve and honor Wake Forest traditions. Speakers reflect on their undergraduate experiences and share the lessons they have learned along the way. With unique perspective and a constructive outlook, these stories feature themes of adversity, introspection, and growth. This year two of our Leadership & Character Scholars, Rachel Edwards (left) and Dana Johnson (third from the right) were among the senior orators. You can watch their speeches in full below:

Dana Johnson, Inviting Passion to Challenge Potential

“Gratitude allows us to walk purposefully towards the unwritten and to possess the courage, self respect, and resilience needed to get there. It is important to remember that while a destination of serenity and competence seems appealing, to reach it with ease renders every aspect of life mundane.”

Rachel Edwards, I Don’t Know You, But I Need You

“Learning over the years that our motto Pro Humanitate is more than just being for humanity, it really is being for each other, especially for the person you don’t know or are yet to know.”