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Our Mission

The Program for Leadership and Character inspires, educates, and empowers leaders of character to serve humanity. Through innovative teaching, creative programming, and cutting-edge research, we aim to transform the lives of students, foster an inclusive culture of leadership and character at Wake Forest, and catalyze a broader public conversation that places character at the center of leadership.

Over the last decade, Wake Forest faculty have become leading experts in the study of character. The Program for Leadership and Character is now using this groundbreaking research to develop creative, liberal arts-based programming to transform the lives of our students.

We are excited to share who we are and what we aspire to do. We hope you will join us in this effort.


Senior Orators Reflect On Their College Experience
U.S. Poet Laureate Joy Harjo visits Wake Forest University
$8.6 million Kern Family Foundation Grant Funds Character and the Professions Programs

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We teach courses on leadership and character and equip others to develop relevant courses.

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College Programming

Our outside-the-classroom programs equip students to develop the character needed to lead with integrity.

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Professional Schools

Our efforts in the professional schools prepare students to be leaders and professionals of character.

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We host conferences to facilitate broader reflection on leadership and character beyond Wake Forest.

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Learn more about yourself and others through a Call to Conversation.

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We use rigorous research to assess our programs and share our results.

Our executive director, Michael Lamb, spoke at @valparaiso_university earlier this week about human flourishing and the good life in a conversation entitled Why Be Good? "What a joy to talk about character with David Henreckson and Anne Snyder at Valparaiso," Lamb says. "I am grateful to all of the faculty and students at Valparaiso who were such gracious hosts."

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Congratulations to @lbradshaw6 and @billosjohn for being named Goldwater Scholars!

John’s a @wfucompsci major from Mt. Airy, and the first Leadership and Character Scholar to earn a major national scholarship.

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Check this out next week! We're thrilled to tell you that three of our Leadership and Character Scholars will be introducing @drsanjaygupta and moderating his @facetofacewfu student discussion.

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"As we confront socioeconomic, political and existential challenges, we need Wake Forest leaders of character, committed to making an impact with integrity in the world." -@presidentwente, from her inauguration address on Friday, March 25. #WenteToWake

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"One of the things that this university does so well is: There's a program on leadership and character. It almost should be required for everybody who intends to be a leader." -Gene Woods, CEO of @atriumhealth, at Thursday night's @facetofacewfu Inauguration Forum.

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“The essence of democracy is being able to understand those with whom you disagree.” -Madeleine Albright to @wfuniversity students at a @facetofacewfu forum on November 9, 2021. The first female U.S. Secretary of State died Wednesday at age 84.

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Leadership & Character & Dogwoods

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