At Wake Forest

The Program for Leadership and Character has partnered with over 40 Wake Forest departments, offices and organizations to create programs and opportunities that support the cultivation of leadership and character. The creativity and energy that comes from collaborating with faculty, staff and students across the university has built momentum across campus.

Across the Globe

Oxford Character Project: Wake Forest and the Oxford Character Project have developed an ongoing partnership to support leadership and character development. We co-organized a 2017 conference at Oxford on “Cultivating Virtue in the University,” which brought together leading experts in history, literature, philosophy, theology and the social sciences to explore the role of character development in higher education. The sold-out conference attracted scholars, students and educators from the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Germany, Spain and Argentina.

Wake Forest and the Oxford Character Project partnered again to co-organize a conference on “The Arts of Leading: Perspectives from the Humanities and Liberal Arts” in 2019 at Wake Forest. The conference explored how diverse perspectives from classics, history, literature, philosophy, religion, and the visual and performing arts can enrich the theory and practice of leadership. Speakers included distinguished scholars from Chicago, CUNY, Duke, Harvard, Oxford, Richmond, Stanford, UNC and Wake Forest.

Georgetown Ethics Lab: Georgetown’s Ethics Lab, the Oxford Character Project, and the Program for Leadership and Character have developed a pilot workshop to analyze the ethics of using algorithms in criminal sentencing. It was the first iteration of a partnership that combines the insights of design thinking with character-based approaches to ethics.

Hong Kong University: In partnership with the Oxford Character Project, the Program for Leadership and Character helped design and facilitate a two-day forum on “The Character of Leadership” with the faculty of social sciences at Hong Kong University in 2017 and 2019.