Like many at Wake Forest, Call to Conversation has worked to offer virtual programming to students and members of our campus community. Although the initial vision for Call to Conversation involved gathering around a table with one another, it has sought to deliver meaningful connection and conversation during this time of social distancing by hosting virtual gatherings. Some of the topics and facilitators have included:

  • “Friendship in a Time of Social Distancing” with Dr. Michael Lamb, Director of the Program for Leadership and Character
  • “Dinner Rolls not Gender Roles: Coronavirus Edition” with Steph Trilling, Director of the Women’s Center
  • “Resilience” with Ashley Parham and Daniella Feijoo from the Office of Wellbeing
  • “Migration, the Danger of a Single Story” with Dr. José Villalba, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion
  • “Wellbeing” with Kenneth Townsend, Director of Leadership & Character in the Professional Schools
  • “Reach out and Touch” with Shakinah Simeona-Lee, Assistant Director of Programming for Call to Conversation

To learn more about the Call to Conversation initiative, click here.