ambassadors initiation wide shot
Assistant Director of Programming Raven Scott speaks at the initiation ceremony for the Leadership and Character Scholars at Starling Hall.

On October 19, 2021, the Program for Leadership and Character held an initiation ceremony for 14 Leadership and Character Ambassadors. The ceremony recognized students who have engaged with our Program and have been impacted by it. But it was also a charge for those students to help spread the Program’s ideals and message across the Wake Forest University community and beyond. “You’ve been selected because we want to honor you. But you’ve also been selected because we want to commission you,” said Dr. Brad Burroughs, the Assistant Director of Leadership and Character in Religious Life. “We hope people will see in your words and your example the importance of leadership and the importance of character.”

Initially, ambassadors will be asked to participate in publicizing events and opportunities sponsored by the Program for Leadership and Character, as well as to help shape future programming through their input. They’ll also carry forth the message of leadership and character by embodying its virtues. “Honestly, we did not set out to create this Ambassadors Program, but we simply wanted a chance to honor the students who have helped us shape what we do with their insight, energy, and ideas,” says Ann Phelps, the Program’s Director of Programming. “So much of our programming has grown from the needs they perceived on campus and helped us meet as leaders. It means so much to be able to honor the work they can’t help but do that grows out of their character.”

The 14 ambassadors are:

  • Grace Powell (‘23)
  • Abby DeRoco (‘23)
  • Sarah Costanza (‘25)
  • Ben Galbraith (‘23)
  • Katherine Finch (‘22)
  • Nolan Cummings (‘23)
  • Abigail Pittman (‘23)
  • Savant Patel (‘22)
  • Liat Klopouh (‘22)
  • Whitney Flautt (‘23)
  • Kylie Yorke (‘23)
  • Julia Dorfman (‘24)
  • Drew Skilton (‘23)
  • Gabriella Zenoz (‘22)

Those students also received a pin with the Program’s logo on it to signify their roles as ambassadors.

For more information on the ambassadors program, contact Assistant Director of Leadership and Character in Religious Life Brad Burroughs.

student ambassador receives pin
Ann Phelps gives a pin to Leadership and Character Ambassador Whitney Flautt (’23).