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During the second half of the spring semester, The Program for Leadership and Character will hold discussion groups that reflect on issues of leadership and character in relation to special topics:

Spirituality, Religion, and the Quest for Character

Led by Dr. Bradley Burroughs
How can we nurture the spiritual aspect of our lives at college and beyond? What does it even mean to talk about human life as having a “spiritual aspect”? How can our deepest spiritual convictions shape who we are and how we live?In this discussion group, we will wrestle together with these questions that have traditionally been at the heart of so many spiritual and religious traditions. Join us as we explore your questions, beliefs, and sacred practices, as well as others’, considering how we can become the kind of people we want to be and create the kind of world we hope for.

The Significant Lawyer: Success, Integrity, and the Pursuit of Character in the Legal Professions 

Led by Dr. Bryan Ellrod
What does it mean to “succeed” as a legal professional?  What does it mean to practice law with integrity? Does success in the modern business of law come at the price of our integrity? Join us as we explore these questions and more with William S. Duffy, Jr’s recent book, The Significant Lawyer. In conversation with Duffy and the exemplars his book depicts, we will seek to identify the challenges a legal profession can pose to our character and the virtues that would equip us to grapple with them. And each participant will receive a free copy of Duffy’s book.

Can I Laugh at that?: The Ethics of Comedy 

Led by Jazz Logan and Roscoe Bell
Have you ever wondered what makes something funny? Or what makes a joke cross the line? Our interest group delves into the profound questions surrounding comedy, dissecting the thin line between laughter and responsibility. Together, we navigate the challenges of crafting humor that transcends boundaries without perpetuating harm or reinforcing stereotypes. Engage in thought-provoking discussions, share insights on the evolving landscape of comedic ethics, and collaborate to promote a more inclusive and mindful approach to laughter. Join us in shaping a space where wit and morality harmonize, fostering a culture of laughter that uplifts rather than undermines.

Discussion groups will start on Monday, March 25 and will meet once per week for one hour each time over the next three weeks (April 1, April 8, and April 15).

You can sign up by filling out the form below. The deadline to sign up for a group is Wednesday, March 20.

These groups are open to all Wake Forest undergraduates, so please spread the word to friends whom you think might be interested. If you have any questions, please contact Bradley Burroughs at