On September 29, Dr. Michael Lamb delivered a keynote address to the 2020 Notre Dame School of Virtue and Character hosted by the Institute for Ethics & Society at the University of Notre Dame Australia. Held over two weeks, the Notre Dame School of Virtue & Character allows a small group of selected participants to deeply engage with new research on the topic of cultivating good character.

Lamb’s keynote focused on his co-authored paper, with Drs. Jonathan Brant and Edward Brooks of the University of Oxford, “How is Virtue Cultivated?: Seven Strategies for Postgraduate Character Development,” which will be published in the Journal of Character Education in 2021. These seven strategies inform much of the teaching, programming, and research conducted by the Program for Leadership and Character. Lamb hopes these findings will also influence pedagogy surrounding character at other institutions.

As part of the School of Virtue and Character, Dr. Christian Miller, A.C. Reid Professor of Philosophy at Wake Forest, also delivered a keynote address on the virtue of honesty. Other speakers included Heather Battaly (University of Connecticut), C. Stephen Evans (Baylor University), John Lippitt (University of Notre Dame Australia), and Anne Snyder (Editor, Comment Magazine).