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Americans are deeply polarized. The institutions, commitments, and practices that have long helped us find common ground are under stress. At the same time, America is becoming more diverse, making it even more important that we learn to recognize and understand our differences.

This summer the Program for Leadership and Character will once again be leading the Principled Pluralism Fellowship, which aims to support a cohort of up to six students who will pursue research on pluralism, jointly author research on the importance of principled pluralism, work to develop the skills and virtue need to promote meaningful dialogue across difference. The Fellowship aspires to transform students and inform a larger conversation about the value of principled pluralism in our cultural context.

[What is Principled Pluralism, and Why Does It Matter?]

The Fellowship includes a stipend of $4,000, housing on campus, and a budget for supplies and research materials related to the project. Fellows also receive personal mentoring from experts in the field. The Fellowship is currently scheduled to run for 8 weeks from May 30 – July 21 and will be led by the Program for Leadership and Character.

The Fellowship is open to all Wake Forest undergraduate students. The deadline to apply is February 13. Please fill out the form below to apply and if you have questions, please contact Dr. Bradley Burroughs at

2023 Principled Pluralism Fellowship Sign Up

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