Through a grant from the Lilly Endowment, the Program for Leadership and Character is now supporting 4 new postdoctoral fellows in their teaching and research. The postdoctoral fellows broaden the scope of Program’s work on campus by offering new courses in various disciplines:

  • Caroline Christoff, Interdisciplinary Humanities: “Dialogues from Antiquity: Commencing Character”
  • Kerri Cissna, Entrepreneurship: “The Character of Entrepreneurship”
  • William Cochran, Computer Science: “The Ethics of Emerging Technologies”
  • Stephanie Mota Thurston, Divinity: “Character and the Good Life: Negotiating Questions of Race, Class and Gender”

In addition, with support from the Kern Family Foundation, the Program is also supporting two postdoctoral fellows working to integrate character modules into the Department of Engineering:

  • Joe Wiinikka-Lydon, Character Education for Engineering
  • Adetoun Yeaman, Engineering Education

These courses and modules, along with those designed by faculty as part of the Program’s course development grants this summer, significantly expand opportunities for students to think deeply about their virtues and values. We are encouraged by students’ enthusiasm for these courses and the impact they are already having on students’ lives.

Learn more about our full course offerings and the course development grants here.