Who We Are

Wake Forest is a community of faculty, staff and administrators committed to educating the whole person and transforming students into leaders and citizens of character. Within this community, a few individuals focus on leading and expanding the Program for Leadership and Character: 

Program Team

  • Dr. Michael Lamb, Executive Director
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  • Kenneth Townsend, Director of Leadership and Character in the Professional Schools
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  • Dr. Elise Murray Dykhuis, Senior Research Scholar
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  • Dr. Eranda Jayawickreme, Senior Research Fellow
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  • Ann Phelps, Director of Programming
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  • Dr. Bradley Burroughs, Assistant Director in Religious Life
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  • Dr. Elizabeth Whiting Pierce, Assistant Director in the Professional Schools
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  • Raven Scott, Assistant Director of Programming in the College
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  • Shakinah Simeona-Lee, Assistant Director for Call to Conversation
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  • Kathleen Stimely, Program Manager
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  • Hannah Lafferrandre, Fellow
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  • Kate Hicks, Administrative Assistant
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  • Donovan Livingston, Staff Affiliate
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Research Collaborators

  • Dr. Olga Pierrakos, Department Chair and Professor of Engineering
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  • Dr. Sara Etz Mendonça, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
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  • Sierra Kohler, Program Coordinator for the Program for Leadership and Character and the Department of Psychology
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