How does the Enneagram help inform us in the ways we handle stress and uncertainty? How can we use the Enneagram to cultivate self-awareness and compassion in the midst of turmoil? To contemplate these questions, Dr. Christopher Copeland, Director of Enneagram Studies with the Program for Leadership and Character, and Rev. Chelsea Brooke Yarborough, visiting professor at the Wake Forest School of Divinity, held conversations before and after the election to over 20 members of the Wake Forest community.

Copeland and Yarborough explored “The Enneagram and Stress in Uncertain Times” in the first session and invited participants to get to know their number and the ways in which each number internalizes and acts on stress. After the election, their second session focused on “Moving Forward with Self-Awareness and Compassion.” Participants discussed how the tendencies of their number have manifested in the days prior to the election and broke into small groups for further discussion with those who identify as the same number.

The event was sponsored by the Program for Leadership and Character. Copeland continues to expand the scope and recognition of the Enneagram at Wake Forest through workshops and personal consultations. To learn more about the Enneagram and his work, click here.