With the addition of Dr. Christopher T. Copeland, the Program for Leadership and Character is supporting the new Enneagram Studies Project. The Enneagram is an ancient tool for cultivating self-awareness, growing compassion, nurturing leadership skills, and forming character, which has seen immense growth in popularity and cultural relevance in the past decade.

“The Enneagram has had a profound impact upon my own growth and development as a teacher and leader, and I am excited to share the depth of this transformative system with students, staff, faculty, and alumni through the Program for Leadership and Character,” Copeland said.

Dr. Copeland works with individuals, groups, and organizations to consult and teach the Enneagram, as well as conduct and publish research on the effectiveness of this tool in personal and collective development. He implements programming for the Leadership and Character Scholars, as well as various individuals and groups at Wake Forest, in the Winston-Salem community, and beyond.

Dr. Copeland also co-hosts a podcast, Heart of the Enneagram, to reach diverse audiences with the transformative framework of the Enneagram. Dr. Copeland and his co-host, Sandra Smith, recently concluded season five of the series focusing on elder wisdom, in which they interviewed individuals over 65 on the lessons they have gleaned throughout their lives and through their engagement with the Enneagram. To learn more about Heart of the Enneagram, click here.