Knoxville, TN

Bill Haslam is a successful businessman and the former Governor of Tennessee. Serving as the Mayor of Knoxville from 2003 to 2011, he was elected Governor in 2010, later winning reelection with the largest victory in modern Tennessee history. During Gov. Haslam’s tenure, Tennessee emerged as a national leader in education, fiscal strength, and economic development. His signature policy initiatives resulted in state records for post-secondary degree enrollment, high school graduation rates, low unemployment, and job creation. Before entering politics, he was the president of his family’s national chain of truck stops and the CEO of the e-commerce division at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Since leaving public office, Gov. Haslam has remained engaged in many local and national issues. He and his wife launched their philanthropic foundation, the Bill and Crissy Haslam Foundation, with a focus on education initiatives. A graduate of Emory University, Gov. Haslam also currently serves on the Young Life Board of Trustees and the national board of directors for Teach For America. He was also a visiting professor of political science at Vanderbilt University in 2019.