The Covid-19 crisis has presented extraordinary challenges that require strong leadership to overcome. To help meet that need, the Oxford Character Project and Harvard University’s Human Flourishing Program developed a free online leadership course, Leading and Flourishing in Difficult Times. The short course challenges the traditional definition of leadership and empowers individuals at all levels to exercise their distinct skills as leaders to bring forth positive change in their communities.

Two Wake Forest University faculty experts are cited in the course. In a section on the importance of cultivating character virtues for leadership, the course references Dr. Christian Miller’s book, The Character Gap and also incorporates research from a collaborative study by Dr. Michael Lamb, Executive Director of the Program for Leadership and Character, and leaders from the Oxford Character Project, where Dr. Lamb remains a Research Fellow.

The five-module course provides an engaging mix of readings, case studies, video interviews, and challenges to help put the lessons into practice. In addition to the Oxford and Harvard co-instructors, leadership experts across sectors contributed content for the course, including scholars from the University of Virginia and the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

To learn more about the course or participate for free, click here.