Theodicy Jazz Collective believes that the “jazz ideals of diversity, flexibility, and listening” can help people thrive in a “rapidly changing world.” As part of the Collective, Ann Phelps, the Director of Programming for Leadership and Character, participated in an artist residency at Syracuse University from November 1-3. The group led two workshops with community leaders and students that focused on music’s influence in shaping character and practicing leadership, as well as the importance of lifting up music from diverse voices and perspectives in sacred spaces. The Collective also performed with the students of the Hendricks Chapel Choir as part of the “Music and Message” series which combines musical performances and spoken reflections intended to bridge the campus and community and inspire wellbeing for all.

Formed in 2006, Theodicy is known for incorporating sounds from traditional jazz, gospel music and rhythms from Latin America and Africa. They have performed across the globe at Canterbury Cathedral, Trinity Wall Street, and on National Public Radio.

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