Eco-Justice Graduate Cohort

How can we live good, rich lives—personally and professionally—in the face of the climate crisis and its attendant environmental injustices?

The cohort will explore that question by discussing the feminist climate anthology All We Can Save and interviewing climate/environmental justice leaders. Open to all WFU graduate and professional students, Cohort members will also have access to a grant program to fund hands-on projects. This cohort is being sponsored by the Office of Sustainability and the Women’s Center.

Meetings Dates: September 15-November 17 (minus fall break)
Meetings Times: 4pm over Zoom.


  • Attend 4 Thursday sessions
  • Complete brief pre and post survey (5-15 minutes)
  • Participate in end-of-term focus group discussion (1.5 hours)


  • Personal and professional empowerment for climate engagement
  • Introduction  to NC Environmental Justice landscape
  • Connection across professional and graduate schools
  • Copy of the book All We Can Save: Truth Courage and Solutions for the Climate Crisis
  • Access to a mini-grant to support community EJ projects ($50-$1000)


Please complete the application for the Eco-Justice Graduate Cohort 2022